Meeting needs right

under our noses—

and on them.


Growing revenue for your non-profit is harder than ever.

Great organizations like yours don’t want donors who give out of obligation.

Your ultimate goal: cheerful givers.

Why does it matter? Cheerful donors are aligned with your mission, are willing to give more than just give at year-end, and can help your organization fulfill its mission. Cheerfully provides organizations of all kinds with a fully customized web application to post the micro-needs within your community for your community to meet.

 A customized Cheerfully site will:

  1. Allow you to grow the base of your donor pyramid

  2. Leverage fundraising best practices to engage your community

  3. Provide an additional revenue source for your organization to fulfill its mission

See an example of a generic Cheerfully site here

See how an elementary school is using Cheerfully here.

See how a non-profit is using Cheerfully here.